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If you’re not quite ready to flaunt your baby bump in all its glorious circumference, try a costume with a poncho top. Because who doesn’t love Baby Yoda? If there is one thing I love about Halloween, It is fantastic Skeletons and Oriental Trading has the best selection around. For pregnant mamas who want to be totally transparent this Halloween, there’s nothing more iconic than turning a popular phrase or cliche into a living, breathing, wearable costume. You might be staying home to keep yourself and Baby safe during COVID-19, which means all the more reason to have fun with your Halloween costume indoors.

It can be fitted easily and comes with a skeleton mask for those more scary moments. Adorn yourself in a costume fit for an angel that comes complete with a halo and heavenly set of wings. Bumble Bee tells me she wants to use them as part of her DIY Dementor costume. And the date of celebration tells it all – Oct 31st after sunset. This Scarecrow Poncho is easy to throw on, super comfortable as it won’t cling to your body in any unwanted places, and easy to pair with a patchwork hat, brown boots, and stitched-on makeup. Another great alternative for moms-to-be who aren’t quite ready to let their bump fly free, this spider web poncho is as creepy as it is cute.

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the viral video of the dog in a spider costume scaring the ever loving shit out of unsuspecting numskulls that see a giant spider coming their way, if not, check it out below. Leading up to Halloween your kids will see skeletons on the TV and in the shops. Pumpkins are common during Halloween season. Paper and plastic Halloween decorations are so last century. Of course, pregnancy Halloween costumes could lean the other way, too. In recent years, dressing up a baby bump has become a God-given right of moms-to-be everywhere and, as a result, the internet has seen some pretty creative Halloween costumes that really take the cake. The Webcaster Gun is a decor-gun that shoots out cobweb Halloween decorations. What we need is some high tech decorations that will actually scare people both inside and outside of your homes. Where the Wild Things Are is a really popular movie and if you have a group of children who need costumes, this movie has a number of great characters.

This is an easy one to pull off — all you need is a pair of black pants or skirt to go with the shirt, and it’ll look like Baby Yoda is floating in your arms. She grabbed a stick to wave some incantations at us and I’d probably throw on a cape to take this easy look to the next level. Look out, everybody, there’s a baby Joey on board! The drawn-on Jack-O-lantern face nestles right where your growing bump should be, skeleton princess costume so there will be no question: Is that a baby growing in there or did you just have a ton of Halloween candy?

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