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I have traditions, just like any other Fall junkie, that I happily look forward to all year and it’s about that time to start crossing them off my list. Oh, and don’t forget to wish the driver a Happy Halloween as we dive into one of the best months of the year. Ruby reds, flaming oranges and other classic burnt colors of fall crash into one another creating a vibrant, vivid effect, as if the dead might come back to life at any moment and take the living world by storm. You’ll feel—and look—out of this world in this badass Dark Voyager costume.

Pair that with fingerless gloves, a long-sleeved dark shirt, and a red jacket to match the skin and you’re all set. If you’re the crafty type, you’ll have fun designing bright splatter for the skin duo, Teknique and Abstrakt. Skull Trooper is the perfect Fortnite skin for All Hallow’s Eve, and it can even be a lot of fun to make. Whether your favorite Fortnite skin is Raptor, Love Ranger, Rex, or any of the ones we’ve put on this list, hopefully, this cheap, DIY costume rundown will help you find the right costume for Halloween. Though this one will be a little tricky and time consuming, the outcome will be an awesome Leviathan skin costume — which will totally be worth it. Although this costume is a little bit more labor intensive, the payoff is definitely worth it. If you want to spend a little extra to bring the Fortnite skin to life, you can use an Easter egg style backpack for your egg grenades.

If you want to be cute and cozy in your Fortnite Halloween costume, look no further than this pair of bunnies for inspiration. Layout where you want the white pattern to go on the bottom of the dress. Be sure to dig out a pair of black combat boots from your closet, and don’t forget to buy a white ski mask and black scarf to mirror this skin. Here are some of the most popular Fortnite skins you can buy or recreate to impress your squad this Halloween. One of the more recent Fortnite skins to release also happens to be one of the most affordable to buy (or even make). There are a lot of popular Fortnite skins you could model your costume after, but one really fun idea is to go as a player in a bush disguise. Halloween costumes for horses are fun! Fearing that some of these spirits may be evil or up to no good, the local people took to wearing very frightening costumes during Samhain as a method of scaring off potentially evil spirits.

Freshly Completed: A Comic by Freshly Completed Helmets will cost extra, but if you’re a dedicated fan, it may be worth the extra money. Twirling with her tambourine, your kid will love the gypsy life. I’m in love with vintage Ouija boards. These costumes are great for older kids, and teens, since they are simple to make and can even pass for “normal” clothes (my son wore the Skeleton hoodie all month). Our wicked Halloween costumes will make you the queen of Halloween 2019! Optionally, you could weave the spine (which will scrunch up and shorten the shirt) or cut out every other row in the spine to create boxes for spine vertebras. Next, outline a rib cage and spine on a sleeveless shirt with fabric paint and continue painting the pants legs for a complete skeleton costume.