Terms Frequently Used in Casinos

The following terms are used regularly in casinos, and gamblers know them by heart. If you are new to the game, it is important that you become familiar with casino terminology to avoid any difficulties or embarrassment.

The following words and casino terms are often used to define wagers and bets: “action” is a shortcut for “put to action”, which refers to the total amount that you are gambling in a particular session. Bankroll, on the other hand, refers to the total amount of cash that you carry for all your prospective gambling activity.

The term betting limits connotes the minimum and maximum wagers in a particular game. Aggregate limit is the amount the casino has at stake during the game, and Aggregate winnings denote your total earnings. The Cashier’s Cage is where you convert those winning chips into cash.

A “beef” is the term used to denote a complaint by a player against a casino dealer, usually over a wager. The most common instance is when a player disputes the assertion by the dealer that he was making a bet, when in fact he was merely exchanging cash for chips (a buy-in). These cases are resolved by reviewing the film footage from “eye in the sky” cameras.

Banned and barred are self explanatory terms, and offenses include card counting, carrying shiners (small mirrors used to check on cards) and capping (adding chips after the deal). In Las Vegas, most casinos have a “black book” containing the names of these individuals. Some gambling establishments term cheats as crossroaders.

Other common terms: Casino advantage is the same as the house edge; the “vig” or “juice” is the houe commission; “comps” are the gifts and freebies offered by casinos to loyal customers. They usually come in the form of free drinks, discounted or even free rooms.

The “pit” is that part of the casino reserved for dealers and personnel. The Pit Boss is in charge of overseeing several tables. The Pit Manager’s role is to implement the house policy and remove troublemakers.

Casino Junkets are travel trips offered to a player. While the casino pays for the travel and accommodations, the players agrees to play at a particular casino. These offers are reserved for VIPs and high rollers.

“Nut” can refer to the costs of maintaining the casino, or the total amount a player intends to win. When you “Crack the Nut” it means that your earnings have compensated for your expenditures, not including your net profits.

Anyone who visits a casino for the first time can be overwhelmed by the sights and sounds. By keeping these terms and phrases in mind, you need not look like a novice, getting lost and unable to follow conversations between players and dealers.